Sunday, July 11, 2010

The House of Wong

At this time, the closest Sammy & I have gotten to China is the dimly lit family dinners we used to enjoy (paper chicken was Sam's fav) at the House of Wong in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Visiting the House of Wong became a tradition with the Steers family.
Soon my grandmother, Dran, began taking Aunt Paula and my younger cousins Orran Lee & Carly to the House of Wong for their own dimly lit dinners during summer visits to Kentucky.
There are various stories and fond memories that sprang from our family dinners at the House of Wong...we won't bore you with those but we will take credit for cousin Carly's interest in East Asian studies. Her fluency of the language and doctoral accomplishments are of her own making!

Carly is spending a year in China & Japan...if you're interested in the culture check out her blog, listed at left under Soul Sisters.
For now, Sammy & I are content with life in our homeland...


  1. I can't believe you remember my fav was paper chicken...have been thinking about that since we talked earlier. I LOVED how it was wrapped in aluminum foil...absolutely fabulous!

  2. Who knew House of Wong would make an impression on us. Second only to the time Mom and Dad took me (us?) to the Brass Rail in Nashville and the waiter ran over and lit Mom's after-dinner smoke.