Saturday, March 20, 2010

His Mountains Majesty

"You've come a long way baby," John told me as we boarded the plane in Salt Lake. Yes, honey I have.
Our first ski trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, in 1996 (which was my first skiing trip ever) ended with my being curried down the mountain in a basket, faking a knee injury.
For John's sake, because he enjoys skiing and wants our children to be able to ski (or at least avoid being taken down in a basket!) I've persevered in learning to ski.
No. I do not do blacks. I know my limits. I have no time for injuries. I want only to be able to ski with my husband and children and not embarrass myself, or them.
"Avoid the crash," I thought as John's confidence in me grew and he contemplated my tackling a double blue. "NO way. Not trying a double blue. I'll take the other way down." Yes, I'm a sissy and I'm soooo not scared to admit it. But I didn't come down in a basket.
And, as we rode the ski lift up the mountain, with our two girls in-between us, I thought how much time had passed since our first ski trip to Sun Valley in 1996, the year before we were married. I thought how much our life has changed since that trip--I saw the movie reel of our lives fly-by--3 children, 12 1/2 years of marriage, a mortgage, joys, disappointments and life-decisions we've made together. As I looked over at my husband, and our two children sitting between us, I was struck by the fact that while milestones have come and gone, who we are as a couple is largely unchanged.
We have grown. We have evolved. And out of the blue while sitting on the ski lift I hear the song 'America' in my mind and I'm getting teary. Thank God for the sunglasses....and the tears are puddling up in my sunglasses...and I continue to hear the song and I'm thinking it's "His mountains majesty" but in fact the song is 'purple mountains majesty' no mind....I'm living a Blessed life, I think to myself. And as I follow my husband and children off the lift....
I'm very happy to be skiing down the mountain on my own, rather than riding down in a sled, faking a knee injury.

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