Saturday, February 13, 2010

A recommitment...

I am quite surprised I haven't seen another "Where is Sam" post...I know, I know...I have been absent from the blog for quite some time. And, once again, I extend my most sincere apologies to all...especially to my wonderful sister, because she has been so diligient about updating with fabulous stories, ideas, pictures, etc. So, shall I even go down the list of "excuses" and let everyone know where I have been...why not?? We have had some sort of illness in our house since the month of October (3 of those times being Mama herself), we have had the holiday season, the baby girl had a 1st birthday celebration, we have had company from FL, we have had more illnesses, we did escape to North Carloina (Sugar Mountain) for some playing in the snow...only to end up with more illnesses, and most recently I had a business conference in Las Vegas where my fabulous hubby joined me...and, naturally, there are all kinds of great stories and posts that should have happened around each one of these events (as my sister so patiently kept calling me with great post title suggestions). And, each time I would tell her...I know, I know...only to get caught up in the madness of the day, the family, the office...there was always some excuse!!

So, I am now (in my wonderful Baptist way) going to "recommit" myself to Mommy Diva more can only hide behind excuses for so long...and that is in every aspect of life...although, I could probably write a daily post on hiding behind excuses...but I won't go there...this ain't Dr. Phil or Oprah!!

With all of that being said...I don't have any funny stories to write about right now...I haven't had an argument with my "bitchy self" over purchasing new luggage lately, and my youngest hasn't called anyone "Balentine" (which is precious), I just thought I would post some pics of the "main events" over the past couple of months...that should get us caught up...

HOLIDAYS @ the loved the boxes most!

ANNA GRACE turns 1!!!

The Fam in Sugar Mountain, NC


You, my friends, are officially caught up...I am officially "recommitted"...and the Witner Olympics have officially begun...going to sit back and watch our tremendous athletes go for the gold! GO U.S.A.!!!


  1. Does this mean we are having a re-dedication ceremony for you? Do you have to be fully immersed again since you have made a delcaration of re-dedication? I forget. I remember my own full-immersion Holy Baptism at First Baptist Church Franklin, Ky (circa 1979, at the tender age of 8). My dear friend Julie was Baptized the same day. In the Episcopalian tradition, Holy Baptism is performed during infancy,but is no less significant. Our children, with their parents as advocates, and in the presence of family and friends were Baptized into the living Faith as God's own and continue to grow in His love and mercy. Thanks be to God....and NO this is not a religious blog. This is a blog about motherhood and we happen to be women of Faith. If you don't like God-talk....I understand- sometimes I don't either- but often it's just what I need to hear. Everybody give up for God--the Alpha & lie.

  2. The Olympics!! YES!

    I have to find our what it is you are recommitting to, now...

  3. Tracey--my sister is recommitting to our BLOG!! She's been off the airways for too long....MommyDivas miss her voice!

  4. Aunt Sammy--GREAT photo of Vegas....makes my nipples hard! But then, it doesn't take much these days...little opportunity for stimulation with 3 young kids in the house! TMI??