Thursday, February 18, 2010

MommyDivas like ball too...KY basketball that is!!

WARNING: Content is sports related...YES, we are women, YES, we are MommyDivas, and YES, we know the game!

OK MommyDivas...we are in the heart of basketball season...and rapidly approaching March Madness, and it is a must for these two sisters from the Bluegrass State to let our Wildcat spirit shine!

Bit of background: One does not know the seriousness of KY basketball until you have lived it...and when I say "lived it" I mean your earliest childhood memories are of watching UK basketball games (TV muted and listening to radio announcer) and then afterwards your father actually writing letters to the head coach. Did my father actually send a letter, I have no clue...but, to take something so serious that you would actually sit down and put that much time & effort into it...can we say intense? Definitely intense!! But, I guess it also makes for great stories 25-30 years later!!

And, for you MommyDivas who are not followers of the game...the University of KY basketball program is the only program to have over 2000 wins (UK2K reached this season). They also have 7 National Championship banners hangining in Rupp Arena in beautiful Lexington, KY...and, KY basketball fans are ready to hang another banner....sooooo...the stops came out, Coach Cal came to UK, he brought the recruits and we are enjoying the ride!

With that being said...a freshman (who, yes, I know is a "one and done"...heading to the NBA after this year) by the name of John Wall, came all up in to Lexington making a statement!! This video alone speaks volumes as to the impact this kid (and, yes, he is a kid...hell, he is only 18 years old) has had on Wildcat Country...starting with Big Blue Madness, the first practice of the year.

Enjoy my friends....I guarantee after watching this you, too, will have a little bit of love for the good ol' Kentucky Wildcats! You may even find yourself doing a little jig around the house...I know my son & I have been all night tonight!!

C-A-T-S...Cats! Cats! Cats!


  1. The Wildcats are fun to watch on the court, but off the court they helped raise over a million dollars for relief in Haiti. By appealing to the fiercely loyal KY fan base, Coach Cal and the players demonstrated that allegiance to school sports transcends school colors and state boundaries....give it up for Kentucky Nation, blue windsuits and all!!!

  2. Leave it up to my big Sis to go deep on this one...although she raises a great point...Wildcat Nation pulls together for more than just more reason to bleed blue! To elaborate on their Haiti relief efforts, they raised over a million dollars in a matter of hours...pretty impressive!

  3. Sammy, I know, I know....I'm too serious. Living farther away from KY makes me more nostalgic about it...If you raise children in TN and they grow up cheering for KY, YOU will have accomplished something....of course both you AND Scott are KY fans. My kids are Rebels through and through...our family went to Ole Miss baseall game yesterday--loads of fun! Want to take JP to a game--it's THE BEST baseball atmosphere!