Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be My Balentine....

You heard it correctly. My little boyfriend said to me, "I be your 'Balentine,'" whereupon I melted into his arms and....gave in to the second piece of candy. Like other households with young children--we are currently covered in candy, glitter & glue. This year our middle-child insisted on making homemade Valentines for her classmates. I put the blame partially on Aunt Lea, who my children ADORE. She and cousin Luke delivered home-made Valentines to our children last weekend. There was no denying my middle-child the fun of making and giving her own Valentine creations. Further, my older child was very excited to participate in the fun of making cards, albeit for grandparents and not classmates. No Valentine parties for her grade this year...a school-wide decision to keep the nose to the grindstone since classes have been interrupted due to inclement weather.

Sometimes I am reluctant to go the home-made way, in an interest of time and convenience. However, our family has entered a new stage. My older children are mature enough to orchestrate homemade projects themselves(at the very least co-orchestrate). Our youngest who is 3, hasn't learned the art of being judicious with his glitter....but he will learn....and by the time he does, I'm not sure he'll be my Balentine.

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