Friday, January 29, 2010

Soul Sisters

We are Blessed by many "soul sisters"--those women who give us support, strength, encouragement and inspiration! We list a few friends whose blogs we enjoy and think might be helpful to other Mamas. These women share their motherhood experiences on their blogs and websites. Their journeys include sending and welcoming home(!)a husband to Afghanistan....moving to Madrid with 2 young children...and other meaningful, triumphant and tragic experiences motherhood entails.

We envision MommyDiva Interchange as a COMMUNITY...a place for parents to exchange information. A place for a woman in Idaho to benefit from the experiences of a Mississippi mother, and vice versa. The essence of being a parent transcends age, ethnicity and economics. If you disagree, you can take your cynical ass off our blog, honey...

Check out the fun stuff inspired by the darling (and we do mean darling) applique creations from the girls at Monogram Magic...and you MUST check out our newest Soul Sister, Pink Chicken. This boutique, located in Long Island is owned by a friend of a college friend--super cute clothes via the internet!!

Tell your Soul Sisters how much you appreciate them....we THANK OURS!!!
Holla Holla Vixens....


  1. Holla! Ever the crank, I can't believe I just Holla'd. Delete this and if you repeat it I'll deny it.

  2. LOL!! Here's the thing...with age comes maturity and wisdom (and better sex), SO, with age you...we...have a deeper and new appreciation for those women we call soul sisters....therefore, your compunction (willingness) to extend the Holla!!

  3. It's a journey, isn't it?? I am so blessed to be have a soul sister to share it with...complain about it with...analyze it with...laugh about it with...pray about it with...and just basically know that someone is on my page. Hope Emma Reed is better today. Give her a hug for me!

  4. Really does take a village to raise happy the Tannehills are part of our village!! Looking forward to supper club tomorrow night...

  5. Good post..!!I had fun reading your blog,no doubt..!!I really appreciated the kindness and support that my soul sisters gave to me..!!I am so blessed and happy for having them..!

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