Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live @ Nana's...Motherhood Unplugged

Scenes from Nana's...LIVE & Unedited...(JP's commentary is priceless, listen close!)

Hotty Toddy! and C-A-T-S, Cats! Cats! Cats!


  1. "my Pa-paw pooped his pants" I'm still DO say the craziest things! BTW-I look a little like Stevie Wonder on video--what's up with that? Gotta watch the eyerolls--I'm so used to eyerolling at Buford T.
    LOVED the visit Sammy!

  2. I couldn't understand a damn word but I thought you divas looked really gorgeous. I even thought I need to change my video camera to give me those beautiful black and white shades... Good luck wtih the resolutions and good luck going back to work Muffin! We need to start blogging on easy make ahead dinners to please la familia (if that really exists!!) now that you are back in the trenches with us! L and L O L!! BTW -- Just lovin the blog! xoxo and Happy New Year!

  3. LOVE the idea of the "easy make ahead dinners"...please BRING IT ON...this MommyDiva needs some good "meat & potato" ideas for my fam!!

  4. Dr. Ash hope you & the fam had a wonderful holiday! GEtting ready to strap it on with work--only thing more hysterical than a woman with skin problems is a woman with marital problems....after I get them Dee-vorced I'll send 'em to you for a makeover...Holla Holla! Love ya,Muffin

  5. Muffin & Sam
    The blog is wonderful and such honesty. I love it. The video is so funny that I was crying. You both have talent and need to write a book.

  6. WOW...Pat speaks! Thanks Mom, glad you got a laugh. Aunt Sammy, "the funny child" has bred JP-a v. FUNNy child! Love y'all, Muffin