Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR...bring on the resolutions!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR MommyDivas!! As I sit at my kitchen table this January 1, 2010...I am watching my little guy color a box for his little sister and listening to what New Year's is all about through the eyes of a 5 year old...playing Wii games, watching movies, riding his new scooter, trying out his new golf clubs...much, much different than the resolutions that are dancing through my head! Do I dare even mention the resolutions on this MommyDiva's mind...

1. Get healthy! (this includes better eating & a regular exercis routine...I'm worn out just thinking about this)
2. Get organized! (yep...still trying to get the closets tackled, the playroom functional and stuff to Goodwill)
3. Establish routines! (I am the absolute worlds worst at keeping this family in a daily routine...with the exception of Anna Grace's night time routine...outside of that we are living by the seat of our pants, and it drives me crazy! I'm ready for routine...that could help with #1!)
4. Think before speaking...count to 10 more often! (this could really have a positive impact on all of my relationships - hubby, kids, family members, friends, co-workers...losing my cool just isn't cool anymore...want badly to have more effective and positive communication with folks!)
5. MAKE TIME FOR ME!! (I think all MommyDivas need to have this on their resolution much time is spent focusing on others...our families, our pride & joy...we totally forget to take care of US...stop MommyDivas, stop and take care of you...without you/us everthing else falls apart...SO...we have GOT to make take for ME!) much as I want to sit and continue to elaborate on baby girl is climbing on a chair (oops...just fell and bonked her head...but, she bounced back up) 5 year old is asking for supplies to "build a castle"...oh, and now he is hungry & little girl is, it is back to being Mom...the job we love more than anything...I'm already counting to 10...and shooting my husband those looks of "why are you just laying on the couch when all of this madness is going on"...time to count to 10 one more time!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR...Welcome 2010...wishing everyone a year full of blessings, love, health, wealth & happiness!!


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  1. What a treat to visit with y'all the first weekend of the year!! Love our trips to KY....You looking hot Aunt Sammy...for a hussy who will turn 35 soon!!!