Friday, January 29, 2010

Soul Sisters

We are Blessed by many "soul sisters"--those women who give us support, strength, encouragement and inspiration! We list a few friends whose blogs we enjoy and think might be helpful to other Mamas. These women share their motherhood experiences on their blogs and websites. Their journeys include sending and welcoming home(!)a husband to Afghanistan....moving to Madrid with 2 young children...and other meaningful, triumphant and tragic experiences motherhood entails.

We envision MommyDiva Interchange as a COMMUNITY...a place for parents to exchange information. A place for a woman in Idaho to benefit from the experiences of a Mississippi mother, and vice versa. The essence of being a parent transcends age, ethnicity and economics. If you disagree, you can take your cynical ass off our blog, honey...

Check out the fun stuff inspired by the darling (and we do mean darling) applique creations from the girls at Monogram Magic...and you MUST check out our newest Soul Sister, Pink Chicken. This boutique, located in Long Island is owned by a friend of a college friend--super cute clothes via the internet!!

Tell your Soul Sisters how much you appreciate them....we THANK OURS!!!
Holla Holla Vixens....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Me,Myself & I

Do you talk to yourself?
Do you talk to yourself out-loud?
Well, I do.
I remember my own mother doing this. And I distinctly remember furrowing my brow and giving her the "what in the hell" look....and I distinctly remember her ignoring me and carrying on the rest of her consversation--with herself.
Honey, women particularly like to "talk through" things....

I've been talking myself OUT OFF new Hartman luggage.
The conversation in my mind has gone something like this.....
Self: You need new luggage. You can't continue to carry that stuff through the airport.
Hubby: I carry your bags.
Self/Greedy Self: God I love him and I see his fine sexy self carrying my bags....
Greedy bitch self: Just go up to Tuesday Morning and get that fabulous luggage--okay, yes its expensive BUT it looks sooooo f-ing good. And that darling cosmetic tote....And now you have TWO trips coming up. You need it.
Self: No. FIVE HUNDRED is too much for a garment bag on wheels and that's not EVEN the cosmetic bag which is....
Greedy bitch self: You de-serve it. I mean you've reached an age where you can have nice things AND it will last FOR-ever....I see myself walking down the airport terminal, laughing and talking to my friends--I'm pulling the beautiful Hartman bag and the darling (and I DO mean darling) tote is flung over my shoulder. Yep....gotta have it. And if some other hussy goes up there and gets it......
Self: You can't aaaa-fford it.
Greedy bitch self: WHAT!?! (totally insulted).
Self: I mean really. How much is enough? Can't the fact that you're going on two fabulous trips be enough.
GReedy bitch self: Shut that bitch up. Visualize the TOTE....the tote is on your....
Self: Seriously. Grab an American Tourister in a great color--luggage gets so banged up anyway. You bought the bed for NEED a piece of furniture to put that shitty tv on...and NOW you gotta have Hartman luggage???? Where does it end?
And, who the fu$! decided Hartman was the end-all be all....My family, I think. They always had Hartman. Nothing would do but Hartman.....
Self (cont'd.): Well, YOU know your limits and don't forget you'll find something on these trips you like....not to mention the cost of taking kids....WAIT.... Dran, who is THE most fiscally responsible person in my family did NOT have Hartman when she traveled the world....I vividly remember now....she had bright red....AMERICAN TOURISTER. "Big Red" She called it. Huh.
Greedy bitch self: Great.....Dockers here we come....
Self: I mean.....maybe the REASON Dran could travel the world is because she chose American Tourister....Dran has always been stylish, and kept a beautiful home and traveling--broadening her world and her grandchildren's--has always been of the utmost importance to her but she wasn't an extravagant person. Practical. She lived within her means. She chose the Tourister because she could get to Isthanbul and Prague just as efficiently and effectively as if she'd chosen....
Greedy bitch self: blah, blah. blah....
Self: And. Even IF I had the fabulous tote flung on my shoulder.....would it make my trip any better or more memorable? No.
Greedy bitch self: ok, maybe a smidge.....u know through the airport....
Self: But over all no--it's the people and friendships that make the trips memorable.
Greedy bitch self: What about the pictures? you know the clothes/accessories for the trip that appear in photographs.....
Self: SOMEONE shut her up.....NO. it's to carpool.
I'm happy "we" worked through this.

Monday, January 18, 2010


My apologies to my mother, father, their church friends, my church friends and anyone else who is offended by the above title.....
Are you familiar with a "cluster"?
Well, I've been operating in one for about the last 3 years...
Luckily for me, the husband I found doesn't give a damn. I mean, the things I consider to be indicative of living and operating in a clusterF don't register with him.
And let me reassure my mother, who does the white-glove test whenever she visits (Mom, I know you) that IF we are living in a cluster, it's a clean one. Even the mounds of laundry lying around are clean.

Like anything else, there are degrees of clusters.
I'm talking about living a happy, functioning, content life while continuing to ignore important household or family projects.
Those projects that require Mama's attention but she hasn't made time for them.
Children's closets. A Christmas card list. Family photos.
Ditto on the children's baby books....NO, I don't scrapbook. I have keepsakes in a tupperware to give my chidlren. And ONE DAY when I climb outta this CLUSTERF---which hubby laughingly reminds me, is really just 'life'---well, ONE DAY I'll generate the master Christmas card list, and the photos will be organized and the babybooks complete. And EVEN when those things are complete....well....I couldn't be any happier than I am now with my loving husband and children.

So. Maybe I'm NOT in a cluster?!?
Honey, you know Paula-panic.....she loves to talk herself into a cluster. Bless her heart!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feast of the Epiphany & Our NIECE'S Bday

January 6th is the Feast of the Epiphany AND our sweet niece's FIRST birthday!!!
This morning listening to XM 78-classical (honey, I need something soothing and quiet) I was reminded that today is known as the Feast of Epiphany, marking the Twelfth Night of Christmas. Also known as the day the 3 Kings reached the baby Jesus. As I listened to the radio I was struck by the music playing--Bach's Christmas Oratorio, #6. I was drawn in by its harmony, lively and joyful. Seriously. I got even more excited when the announcer said that Bach's contata was part of a series of six contatas-written and presented in 1734--to celebrarte the Twelve Days of Christmas. In the mind of the church in BAch's time the Twelve Days of Christmas began December 25th and ended January 6. In fact, Bach was the cantor (chief musician) for two churches (St. Nicholas being one) in Germany. He was in charge of music for the worship services of these two churches and the contatas were born. What a babe Bach was! Bach's German congregations were joyfully celebrating the Light of the World we worship today.

As a person who likes history, I find solace in learning about traditions--especially those associated with the church. Living and worshipping today in 2010 we forget that people of Faith have been celebrating and paying homage to the birth of the Messiah for centuries. Are we talking and teaching our children about the origin of traditions and customs that exist today. Do children know that Santa Claus is derived from St. Nicholas, who was a real person that provided food and help to the needy? Not all denominations talk about the Feast of the Epiphany (I was totally unfamiliar until adulthood) but from a historical perspective I think knowing and learning about centuries-old customs helps us prepare our hearts today. Epiphany actually means "manifestation." During Epiphany we joyfully celebrate Christ as the Light of the World, just as Bach's German congregations did in 1734. In my mind, I see our family in the pew at a German cathedral in 1734--I have a big hat on and Buford T. looks a little like an Amish person. The church is dimly lit, by candlelight, and our children are wriggling in the pew. Let's take a page from history and celebrate the Light of the World on the Feast Day of Epiphany!

WE LOVE YOU Epiphany Baby!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live @ Nana's...Motherhood Unplugged

Scenes from Nana's...LIVE & Unedited...(JP's commentary is priceless, listen close!)

Hotty Toddy! and C-A-T-S, Cats! Cats! Cats!

Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR...bring on the resolutions!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR MommyDivas!! As I sit at my kitchen table this January 1, 2010...I am watching my little guy color a box for his little sister and listening to what New Year's is all about through the eyes of a 5 year old...playing Wii games, watching movies, riding his new scooter, trying out his new golf clubs...much, much different than the resolutions that are dancing through my head! Do I dare even mention the resolutions on this MommyDiva's mind...

1. Get healthy! (this includes better eating & a regular exercis routine...I'm worn out just thinking about this)
2. Get organized! (yep...still trying to get the closets tackled, the playroom functional and stuff to Goodwill)
3. Establish routines! (I am the absolute worlds worst at keeping this family in a daily routine...with the exception of Anna Grace's night time routine...outside of that we are living by the seat of our pants, and it drives me crazy! I'm ready for routine...that could help with #1!)
4. Think before speaking...count to 10 more often! (this could really have a positive impact on all of my relationships - hubby, kids, family members, friends, co-workers...losing my cool just isn't cool anymore...want badly to have more effective and positive communication with folks!)
5. MAKE TIME FOR ME!! (I think all MommyDivas need to have this on their resolution much time is spent focusing on others...our families, our pride & joy...we totally forget to take care of US...stop MommyDivas, stop and take care of you...without you/us everthing else falls apart...SO...we have GOT to make take for ME!) much as I want to sit and continue to elaborate on baby girl is climbing on a chair (oops...just fell and bonked her head...but, she bounced back up) 5 year old is asking for supplies to "build a castle"...oh, and now he is hungry & little girl is, it is back to being Mom...the job we love more than anything...I'm already counting to 10...and shooting my husband those looks of "why are you just laying on the couch when all of this madness is going on"...time to count to 10 one more time!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR...Welcome 2010...wishing everyone a year full of blessings, love, health, wealth & happiness!!