Monday, December 14, 2009

Photos with Santa...

MommyDivas...have your precious little ones been to visit Santa yet? We made the trip, and have the pics to show for it...although, that is the extent of my holiday preparation....lots of shopping still to do, and ONLY 11 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! When put like that...the anxiety starts creeping up...I stll have to get calendars designed for the grandparents, purchase gifts, wrap gifts, mail gifts...oh hell, I'm starting to stress myself out. See ladies, this is what happens when I actually sit down for a moment and think about what is left to do...and, to think I started this post thinking I was on top of my "Christmas game" because my kiddies had visited Santa. What kind of Winter Wonderland am I living in??? One full of fabulous pics with Santa...a beautiful tree full of ornaments collected over the years...absolutely adorable handmade stockings (personalized, of course!)...and all of the additional Christmas trimmings throughout the house...ahhh...feeling much better!!

Wishing many blessings to everyone this holiday season...may each of you experience much joy, peace and magic!!

Until later...cheers, my friends!!


  1. LOVE THE PICS!!! Haven't seen Santa--I put Buford T. in charge of that project this year!:):):) Not sure what his plan is?? Buford T.--what's your plan on the children visiting Santa??

  2. My plan is to continue to cause the children to be fearful of old men in strange suits and certainly not to sit in their laps when asked. That way there is no desire to go see Santa.

    Problem solved!