Thursday, December 3, 2009

MUCH ADO About....

the Reading Fair???
You bet your sweet ass there is!
If your child hasn't participated in a reading fair you are missing out....on many levels.
Planning & executing is memorable but displaying the board is humbling!

We were feeling good as we walked into the daughter selected Fancy Nancy, which is a purrrrfect choice (I applauded her selection) because she is 'fancy' after all.
The perfect book, the perfect personality that goes with the book...all the stars are lining up...

As if I didn't realize how lackluster my own craft skills are.....we have a gymnasium full of posters to remind me!
But this is HER project I remind myself. She did it. And she's supposed to.
Damn there are some crafty elementary school children, I think as I survey the gym.

I scan my daughter's tri-fold board....The sequin fabric applied as a dress to the hand-drawn body....
the title traced in glue and appropriately glittered.....
her handwriting visible on the board so it is adequately 'homemade'......
Just right I conclude.....UNTIL....

a GIANT paper-machie lighthouse is placed on the cardtable next to us.
My daughter's eyes get as big as saucers, as if to say "Mama LOOK at that."
"Ok honey," I avert my eyes, putting the final touches on our table--the lighthouse is like kryptonite--my God, that thing is HUGE.
"Stand in front of the table and let's get a picture," I say to my daughter.
"Maaaa-ma." She kinda rolls her eyes.....WE are worthy I'm thinking.....
"Do we haaaaave to?" She asks. And like a punch in the gut, there it is....she is no longer ecstatic about her project. "Damn lighthouse," I think. "Dont you have anything better to do? Who is it" I'm thinking while smiling through my teeth at my loving daughter. "Just one pic, honey." She complies.

I hold out my hand and she grabs it firmly. "Ok, let's go to class," I tell my daughter.
On the way out we smile at familiar faces--other adults and children we know.
"Well maybe she's still in it. It's possible. If judges like the homemade look." I think to myself.
As we make our way through the crowd of parents, cardtables and tri-fold boards we are pushed into a nice-looking family presumably of Middle-Eastern descent--the mother is casually dressed with a stylish scarf covering her hair.
What catches my eye as we pass this family is the beautiful, green-glittered styrofoam frog on the tri-fold board.....and the Dad's big ear-to-ear grin...
"You gotta be kiddin' me" I think--"they're not even American!"
My daughter and I make our way toward her room and I can't get the sparkling styrofoam frog outta my mind. Seriously. We should get bonus points for being natural-born citizens, I think as I smile, hug my daughter and wave goodbye. "Have a great day, honey."

Yes. I realize the pettiness of my redneck cracker thoughts.....No. I don't think any other family is less deserving....I was raised to judge people on their character, not by the color of their skin. Who am I to say....maybe their family has lived in this country for generations. Maybe their grandparents have served in the U.S. military, and if they haven't maybe they appreciate this country even more than me because they've seen and lived in other parts of the world where freedom of religion and speech are not part of daily life.

Well....that last part is just blasphemy--'cause there ain't NO family more patriotic than mine.
But whose to say....


  1. Oh the joys you are paiting for me as I approach Jonathan's first year of "real" school next fall...I already hold myself to the highest expectation and standard when it comes to can only imagine the thoughts, attitude and expectation I am going to have when assisting my beautiful, innocent children with projects.

    Although...I must say...(sorry Mom or Dad if you are reading this)...we definitely come by it honestly! One thing I did learn during my youthful's all about presentation baby! You may not know your a$$ from a hole in the ground...but, by goodness no one will EVER, and I mean EVER know it. Kind of like the plane flight you took...discussing your Europe and Hawaii vacations with the little would not be outdone! (LOVE that story by the way...another post within itself!)

    So...with all that being said...I'm proud that you were able to maintain a smile and not voice your thoughts...a step in the right direction!

    Hugs to the to you all...

  2. Yep Sammy a whole new world!! A sane hubby helps--tremendously.....just gotta let it go. We're all doing the best we can, MommyDivas!!

  3. Buford T. would say "What the hell is the world coming to?"

    What kind of fool would play off a giant frog carved out of styrofoam as being done by a child in first grade? That is crazy talk and if I had been there I might have smashed it with the head of the smirking father.

    Maybe not really, but I would have thought about it! If they made my Ellis cry I would have if she told me to.

  4. I love Buford T's thoughts on the situation...I totally could see a similar fatherly reaction out of this household. Dads are great for stepping in and being that 10 foot tall and bullet proof hero when their baby girls (or boys for that matter) need it!!