Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He's Back!!!

Jingle. Santa's elf.
Our Elf on the Shelf.

If you don't have an elf visiting during Christmas...you're missing some fun!
Although, some of my MommyDiva friends scoff at the little goofy elf.
I understand.
But Jingle's arrival has become a tradition in our home.

Sam & I want to hear about other MommyDiva holiday traditions!! Does Jingle have a cuz hanging out down in St. Simons?? Has Elf on the Shelf made it to Kentucky?? It's our turn to create holiday magic MommyDivas!!!

Speaking of magic.....get your a$$ in front of a fire with your hubby or significant other.....preferably have him build you a fire in the bedroom (or, if you're a real woman like one of my friends you'll build the fire!)....certainly the light of a Christmas tree will provide ambience (ok, this makes me slightly cold thinking of being nude in front of the tree....so I'm back to the bedroom).
Pah-leez get your children outta the house--the kind of magic I'm talking about is not for children....and MommyDivas let's be honest.....ain't no real 'magic happenin' when a woman is worried about her children seeing Daddy's ass in the air! Honey, you know it's true. Sometime during the holiday season make time for yourself or for you and your man. Enlist the help of family, in-laws or other MommyDivas! Ho Ho Ho!!!


  1. I've wanted to do that damn elf every year but as usual the holiday season totally sneaks up on me! Its a miracle if we can get the advent calendar done... I'll just work on the sex!! BTW We want yall to come for a visit. Celis' got a condo so now we have plenty of lodging for the whole fam! LOL Ash

  2. I've heard great things about the "elf on the shelf"...though with how my last couple of months have been no wonder I haven't thought another thing about incorporating it into our holiday magic!!

    Speaking of holiday magic...this MommyDiva has a room booked at Opryland Hotel and dinner reservations at a fabulous steak place...planning to create our own magic...without the kids anywhere around!! 'Tis the season my friends...cheers!

  3. Dr.Ash--good to hear from you!! I've been looking at my Christmas cards for a week now...still have lots to do! Hello and happy holidays to all....definitely need to plan a visit! Love ya,Muffin

  4. Sammy--precious video of baby girl's first steps. Gotta go--Buford T. huffin & puffin in the background, making Farese family lasagna!!Hugs to all!!