Monday, January 18, 2010


My apologies to my mother, father, their church friends, my church friends and anyone else who is offended by the above title.....
Are you familiar with a "cluster"?
Well, I've been operating in one for about the last 3 years...
Luckily for me, the husband I found doesn't give a damn. I mean, the things I consider to be indicative of living and operating in a clusterF don't register with him.
And let me reassure my mother, who does the white-glove test whenever she visits (Mom, I know you) that IF we are living in a cluster, it's a clean one. Even the mounds of laundry lying around are clean.

Like anything else, there are degrees of clusters.
I'm talking about living a happy, functioning, content life while continuing to ignore important household or family projects.
Those projects that require Mama's attention but she hasn't made time for them.
Children's closets. A Christmas card list. Family photos.
Ditto on the children's baby books....NO, I don't scrapbook. I have keepsakes in a tupperware to give my chidlren. And ONE DAY when I climb outta this CLUSTERF---which hubby laughingly reminds me, is really just 'life'---well, ONE DAY I'll generate the master Christmas card list, and the photos will be organized and the babybooks complete. And EVEN when those things are complete....well....I couldn't be any happier than I am now with my loving husband and children.

So. Maybe I'm NOT in a cluster?!?
Honey, you know Paula-panic.....she loves to talk herself into a cluster. Bless her heart!

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