Thursday, December 31, 2009

BUG in a MUG??

Hey Hussies....not much time to talk. Daddy's out with the kids on the zip-line he installed-complete with sawing limbs from Magnolia trees-honey, Buford T. is getting to be so handy these days....I'm gonna get him a tool belt and call him Schneider....

So. Are you a BUG in a MUg??
This is not a novel question posed by Sam & me. Rather, my friend, Anne, who has children my age, posed this question during a Bible study last year. Anne happens to be a counselor and teaches a women's Christian formation class at St. Peter's (that's Sunday School for the Baptists, God I miss Baptist vernacular). Anyway, the precise question Anne posed to us during one discussion--WHO tips your mug, when you find yourself a bug-in-the-mug?

In my opinion, the classic bug-in-a-mug is, of course, an adolescent. He or she can't "see" beyond the mug, and their reserve of experiece is limited. See them in your mind, crawling around the bottom of the mug. I see myself as an adolescent bug and I'm cute enough but I have on blue eyedshadow--dreadful! The adolescent depends on others to "TIP" their mug. Parents of course tip the mug but relationships with other people--an aunt, a school counselor, a grandparent, and the experience of going to college and travel all contribute to "TIPPING" the mug....

From time-to-time during motherhood....a woman finds herself in the bottom of the mug again. I see myself and while my eye shadow has changed for the better--no longer blue, but a deep rich metallic gold--I am in the bottom of the mug, in a supine bug leg flailing as if I'm contemplating getting up....But to do what? My bug brain quickly asks (honey, this bug may be down but she is not out). To do what? My daily routine again....and why? Do all my efforts matter....really? Crossing the t's and dotting the i' a bug I ask so many questions of myself my bug-brain almost blows up. Whhhhhhhhhoooooooooaaaaaa!
What's happening???!!!! Hoooooooold oooooooon!!!
My MUG is being TIpppppeeed.......... my friend Heather, and she doesn't even know it. I checked out her blog, "Home With Heather" and I was swept away by the pictures of her family and her obvious efforts during the holiday. What a wonderful person she is. I'm so glad I know her. I thought as I scrolled through her recent posts.
This simple connection I made with Heather today, unknown to her, contributed to an improved perspective. Connecting with another woman who mothers young children.....that bug that I saw in my mind, dejected and supine on the bottom of the mug? She is now planted firmly on the handle of the mug, relaxing in the tree position, wearing her deep rich metallic gold eyeshadow, and ready to ring in the NEW YEAR.
Thanks be to God for friends like Heather!!!! Holla Holla Vixens....

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