Friday, November 13, 2009

She what?!?

Hello MommyDivas...I know it has been a while, and though I have not written in some time...all MommyDivas have been on my mind. In fact, when dealing with each and every "situation" in life, I always tell myself..."I am not alone, my dear MommyDiva friends experience this too!"...and, my friends, that does help get me through the day.

So, as most of you know I have 2 fabulous children...a 5 year old little guy, and a glorious little 10 month old daughter. And, for the past 10 months I have blamed absolutely every single part of my unorganized life to my baby girl not sleeping all night. I hear myself constantly say..."when Anna Grace starts sleeping all night I will ________________ (fill in the blank - start exercising, clean out closets, organize the kids playroom, finish my scrapbooking, keep laundry caught up, make the kids follow a nightly bedtime routine - you name it, I've said it)!! Well folks...she has done it...for almost 3 weeks now...the little one is sleeping all night.

Funny thing is...this is a good thing, I want her to sleep all night...I want to sleep all night for goodness sake. BUT, with her sleeping all night comes the reality of me REALLY following through on all of those things I said I would start doing..."when Anna Grace starts sleeping all night".

OK...well, in 3 weeks I have exercised once...I have only moved piles of paper...I have done better about supper and bedtime rituals...just not to the extent I had thought. What is going to be my excuse now...time?...hell, that is always going to be an excuse. So, I think I am making a, Friday the 13th...I am going to take 1 of the tasks I have "said" I was going to start doing and be committed...what is it, 2 weeks to create a habit?? Therefore, if I stay committed to 1 task for 2 weeks...that should create a habit, and then I can move on to the next task of priority.

This is all great in theory...I just don't know about execution. But, in all honesty, I am a much happier and healthier person when I exercise on a regular basis. So, I think exercise is going to be my first task to attempt to get back on track. Screw routines, laundry, clean closets...Mama wants to look good and feel good...exercise & sweat rolling down my I come!

(FYI...since Anna Grace was not sleeping all night at the time of decorating for fall...I did not get the wonderful Indian corn garland completed like my fabulous sister did, and I have yet to clean out my closet as she, I am throwing in the towel on those challenges that I openly started win sis!)

AND...for those who would like to check out this adorable baby girl that is finally sleeping all night...below is the link to her latest photo session...enjoy!

Until later my dear MommyDiva & hugs!

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