Thursday, October 1, 2009

So Excited I Could Wet My Pants!

I'm so excited I could wet my pants and if I were more computer literate I would share photos, but that will have to wait.


The precipitous for this event was that my mother has been in town.
FYI, the best thing about my family is...we always know where we stand with one another.
The worst thing about my family is...we always know where we stand with one another.
So. The combination of comments by my mother about the state of my inner-most sanctum (i.e. my closet), and the fact that I've been increasingly putting together outfits that are boring and un-original have driven me to ACTION!

My closet has been in shambles. And I've been relying on the same conservative, safe outfit that I wore to host our church newcomer's reception. You know, Worth jeans, Worth v-neck tee and long camel cardigan. Really nice clothes in autumnal colors but I've been feeling drab, kinda like I'm dressed like my mother. Dressing like my mother isn't bad-- she's always had a great sense of style, and a love of clothes and fashion. All the women in my family have a distinct, wonderful sense of style--I'm thinking of my Aunt Paula, my grandmothers and my Dad's wife, Judy. My grandmother Dran gave me a beautiful hand-woven cardigan that she bought in Lisbon in the 70's. I also vividly remember a red plaid pantsuit Dran wore when she worked in my grandfather's law firm. Every time Judy comes to visit us from Scottsdale she looks youthful and stylish. And her hair.....God, her hair looks great. She has a great haircut. Even my in-laws dress with style and flair....honey, you ain't seen nothing till you've walked up on hubby's Aunt Kay standing on the sidewalk in Oxford in what must've been a Chanel suit--big black glasses and cigarette in hand. That girl is hot! And hubby's Granny Farese who, to this day at age 93, shops only at Joseph's in Memphis for her shoes--honey she has no choice, she's a AA for goodness sake.

Lately, I've been stymied by my wreck of a closet!!!

So, I took action. For once in my life I executed. Instead of groping and moaning and talking about what I needed to do, I did it. And honey, it feels great!!!

You'll be happy to know that I was smiling--and about to wet my pants--as I gazed over the rainbow of colors that is my closet.......


  1. Let me just say...I am impressed. You are on the ball!!

  2. I am officially, what I do with this "inspiration" is still to be determined. I think we need to set some goals on cleaning closets, de-cluttering our houses, updating outdated photos, becoming more organized...this could turn into a nice little sibling contest on who can get the most done by a certain, let's say the end of the year...are you game? Are you feeling a little competitive spirit? Is it going to take a "competition" for us to FINALLY get stuff done around our houses?? Let me know your thoughts on this one...

  3. BRING IT! Let's go wanna to stay w/our closet....OR venture into darker territories. Photos?! What about baby book/scrapbooks?? That's gonna take me a full year!!!

  4. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus...if we venture into baby books/scrapbooks that is taking it to an entirely new that I am 100% NOT prepared for. I have GOT to get my closets cleaned out before I even allow myself to think about catching up baby books/scrapbooks! So, the closet challenge is on...details to follow!