Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OMG...I am one speechless MommyDiva!!!

Words cannot even begin to express the variety of emotions I experienced when I saw this video...and, the only words I can possibly come up with right now is...Holy Shit!! Sorry ladies...there isn't anything "pretty" about this...but, if you do not laugh your absolute entire ass off at this then I don't know what kind of MommyDiva you are! Until later...cheers my friends!


  1. What's so unusual??? Buford T. dances in a leotard to Beyonce every night!! LOL

  2. That takes "wrong" to a new level...entirely too much for the imagination!! I believe this is a good note to say "good night" on...had a good laugh now time to get some good sleep!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys...be careful on the drive up!

    Love ya sis!

  3. Wow...... Dunno what else to say..... Not even right!

  4. I think two of my more memorable quotes apply here:

    "This happens every time one of these floozies starts poontangin' around with those show folk fags."

    "What the hell is the world coming to?"

    Buford T. has a quote that applies to almost every situation.

  5. uuuuuuhhhhh....that was funny, but strange and kinda gross.