Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MommyDiva Goes NUTS.....

This MommyDiva went NUTS yesterday......And I just had to tell you about it!

My little boyfriend was home sick from pre-school.

So. I'm home-again-for the day with my 3 year old son.

Like any good romance my son and I had an extraordinary honeymoon. In fact, the honeymoon with my litle boyfriend, who IS a "mini-me" of my darling hubby, lasted.....gosh, a good 2 1/2 years! Quite a romance. I fell HARD for this little man. You know, the last child (**crossing myself, thank you God for our Blessings but my heart is full**) and after 2 girls--a baby boy. Ahhhhhhh.

I would not have believed, nor would I have wanted to hear, or listen, when girlfriends said "a boy is just different." Alas, they are. But just like any good romance, our 'honeymoon' came to an end. It's bound to happen. The euphoria--the incredible, sensational overwhelming joy, and thrill, that flows from a new romance. So, when he received his first spank-down I declared the honeymoon over and I mourned, a little.

As relationships do, we have entered a bit of a 'dysfunctional stage.'
You know.....I frequently ask my little boyfriend, "Why are you yelling at me?"
Or, I find myself telling my little boyfriend, "You're just rude to me. Ask nicely."
Finally, my daughters will say to me, "Do something Mama. Aren't you going to spank him?"
Normally, yes. But MommyDivas.....I'm tired. And well he's only 39 months old. I mean he's been on this Earth....not very long. So, I give him some breaks.

Yesterday he and I had a fight. Over Lincoln Logs. I was helping him build a house.
"Play wif me Mama," he asks sweetly. Ok. Ok. So we're on the floor and I'm building a stellar cabin. When the devil appears. "NO!" "Not like that Mama." As 3 yr. olds do, he is trying to put the shorter log on the side.....and it doesn't fit......and I try and correct him.....and it just goes down him from there. I get pissed at me--and him--because I'm on the floor 'playing' after all.

Neither of us wants to be home.
He's better. And I want to be in a nice office practicing law somewhere, checking email and drinking coffee.

So. We venture OUTSIDE and go NUTS!!!

Truly. Walking around my yard always calms me down.
My son hops in his miniature Gator.....and collects sticks (doing man's work) "I workin' Mama."
And as we're collecting sticks, he spots an acorn. He laughs a big laugh at the little nut, holding it in his pudgy hand.
"His hat come off, Mama." Yes, it did I think. And I start collecting acorns with him. This collecting becomes a game. "Let's get a bag," I tell him. "Yea." He says excitedly.

And, as we gather acorns I am struck at the beauty and variety of their colors. Ranging from deep chocolate.....to a limey green. My favorites are the 'double acorns' and the ones that have a little stem.

I begin to have grandiose ideas......I can make wreaths for all of my windows.
I am Martha--I can do it.

The nuts are still in a pile. I doubt I'll take the time to hot-glue them to anything.
Of course, I'll have to buy a hot-glue gun first.

But getting outside. Collecting acorns.
Just being present in this wide-open world God made.
Prevented this MommyDiva from going NUTS......


  1. "And I want to be in a nice office practicing law somewhere, checking email and drinking coffee."

    ...Yes, that is exactly what happens all day in a law office except now we have to add checking this blog to make sure we have not been slandered in any form or fashion.

    I know what the real Buford T. would say in this situation..." We got no time for that crap!."

  2. Didn't realize Eliza's sweet boyfriend was home sick...sounds like you turned it into a wonderful time together! Loved the inside-Lincoln-log-building-being-bossed-by-your-kid story. I live it.

  3. Thank you my dear sister...thank you! I have been going NUTS trying to prepare for our trip to Florida, finish wrapping up stuff here in the office, and also prepare for the arrival of Papa & Gigi tonight...oh, and did I mention all of the wonderful ballgames the past 3 days...I finally took the time to sit down and read OUR blog (though not real evident since I have been absent from posts for a while), and got a great laugh! Thank you for making me laugh and giving me a brief moment of comedy...it is soooo appreciated!!!

    This is what this is all about...I LOVE reading the stories, relating to the stories, and laughing out loud. I am so glad you have kept on posting as I have been neglecting my duties!

    That little boyfriend of yours makes me smile...give him hugs, hope he feels better...love you all.

  4. Aw, now I'm all warm and fuzzy . . .


  5. Whitney--So glad you tuned in! Yes, he was home....and was fine, really by Monday morning but kept him home in abundance of caution. Except, we had a snafu at school today....MommyDiva REALLY goes nuts....he's good, antibiotic upset his tummy!

  6. Your point is well taken, Buford T.
    You know "they?" They always say--the grass is always greener....