Saturday, October 3, 2009

Company's Comin'--MommyDiva Decorating

As I write this the Rebels and Vandy are still playing. While most Rebel fans are focused on the game at-hand, this MommyDiva can't help but plan and think about our company comin' into town for the next 3 home football games! I do love hosting friends and family......

Next week is Alabama and my father (Papa) and his wife (Gigi) are coming in from AZ. The following week is Homecoming--and we have a tradition of attending the parade and visiting with Tupelo friends, and their 3 girls, who are the same ages as our children. The next weekend is the Arkansas game , I think, and my 2 Allen step-brothers are coming to visit my brother Will--and staying in our recently renovated 'barn.'

Soooooooooooo. Let's decorate hussies. Not everyone will have home-grown Native-American Indian corn (courtesy of my step-Dad, who my children affectionately call 'Big Woo') to fashion as garland, but I have faith in you girls that you will indulge in nature's bounty! No kidding. Don't let this glorious season pass without adequately adorning your home with pumpkins, gourds and the like. You're creating memories MommyDiva.....

My sister will be jealous of the corn garland and corn bundles that will welcome Papa & Gigi back East from Arizona. A big thank you to my mother for helping tie the garland....and to my little boyfriend for helping also. No thanks to Buford T. who has little appreciation for corn bundles and garland!!!

Coming soon............pumpkin cheese ball!!!!!!!
Yes, Mississippi has a corner on cute.....

Honey, stop lookin' around, we're the cutest girls here!!!

Holla Holla to my Vixen friends!!!


  1. Love, love, love the garland sis...and, a little jealous I am...but, no truck load of home-grown Indian corn is heading south from KY and will be adorning our TN home before long! I do believe my love for this season...the festivities, football, colors, and crisp chill in the part of what brought us back to the area from Florida. Love the beach...but, you just can't celebrate the seasons to the fullest in shorts all year least not this MommyDiva!

    Love and hugs...will have a post sometime in the near future...if I ever get a breather from ballgames!

  2. My sister Sam lives in a beautiful area. I love your neighborhood--and the fences and rolling hills that lead up to it. What a wonderful place to raise our niece and nephew! If any of you MommyDivas took your children to see Miley Cyrus movie, Hannah Montana The Movie, (which has our MommyDiva stamp of approval!) the mid-south beauty of TN was on display! Enjoy your Sunday Sam and I'm so excited I have big boy's bday gift marked off my list!!! Love to all.....

  3. LOVE the peasant feathers on the wreath! You've inspired me. I rumaged through attic today and only came up with last year's Target big talking witch. Can't wait to tend to the nightmare's tonight...
    BTW, my kiddos are watching the disney planet earth movie which just came out on dvd. Highly recommend for evening viewing. LOL ladies and great job with the blog, ash

  4. So glad to see you on the blog Dr. Ash...we are having such a great time and it thrills both Muffin and me to have other "MommyDivas" joining in on the fun...thank you!

    On a side note...I am approaching my 35th birthday in January...what kind of suggestions can you give a gal to look 21 again?? The sleepless nights and loads of caffeine are catching up with me...HELP!!

  5. Glycolic acids and retinoids are the most potent anti-aging cocktail. Mix in a little vit c and kinetin products for an extra boost and extra moisture. I can help guide Muffin on what to get you for the big 35! ASD ships and we love taking care of our vixens! LOL!

  6. Many thanks Dr. Ash...I will certainly make note of the tips! Feel free to guide all gift givers, via Muffin, for my 35th bday...goodies for the complexion would be fabulous!

    Please keep us posted on how to maintain a youthful glow!