Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tribute to FSHS Class of '89

since graduating from High School......

I've been holding on to these prom photos, just knowing there would be a perfect opportunity to share we are at our Jr. Prom, 1988 and Sr. Prom, 1989. There are notables among us. Mrs. Barfield, who commented on this blog's previous post, was 1989 FSHS Prom Queen.
She is wearing her crown in the photo. BTW, the roses were Stephanie's idea!!

I would be remiss if I didn't point out what a FAB back-drop we provided as Juniors for the 1988 prom. I vividly remember spray painting the silver stars and painstakingly glittering each of them. I remember us getting the ladder and being very precise about placement of the stars so they would hang varying lengths and 'frame' the couple in the photo.
Ahhhhhhhhhh. The perfect Prom back-drop.......


  1. Oh durnit! I just tried to comment and I lost it :(

    Aahhh the memories. So fun! I need to show your hairdos to Kate cuz she and her friends are dressing like the 80's for Halloween. *giggles

    - might need to go get her some aquanet :-)

  2. Aqua net and a lesson from Mimi L.--she's a pro w/teasing hair. Remember the Goth tea-party!?

  3. You are brave! Genius way to attract loyal fans! I can't wait to come back for more! Lotsa love from DHS class '89 (I sported the asymmetric birdsnest "do" in mine!

  4. One thing I LOVE about this post...great reminder that you are 4 years older than me! Shoot, no where close to a 20 year reunion in this house!

    ANY time I start thinking about age...I just tell myself, "well...Muffin is 4 years ahead of me..." Just like my freaking out a bit over getting ready to turn 35...I just think, "well...Muffin is turning 39"...I'm feeling better already! LOL!!

    Great comfort in that I can watch & learn from my big sis...I've been doing it for 34 years...and look forward to doing it for many, many more!! Although, sometimes I think you should watch & learn from your lil sis...haha!

    Great pics...great ya sis!

  5. Dr. Ash, SO good to hear from you!!! Now that I've out-ed myself on age I need you more than ever to help w/skin!! My tween is causing deep crevasses between brow, and coping w/vino only dehydrates! Miss you and think of your fab Dr. coat w/frog closures often!! Holla Holla!!

  6. Pipe it down lil' sis....don't make me give you an old-fashioned a$$ whipin' broadcast on the WWW....sadly this is no longer possible, if it ever was. She is stronger and in better shape, but if she keeps heckling me I'm tempted to do something about that.....Only time I EVER stepped on eliptical was last summer at Mom's--and promptly did 30 min.--not bad, you try 30 min! Had to do something, Sam had been sprinting around the house all morning! Mother was impressed, "I didn't think you could do it--well you know Sam is the work-out queen. Do you work-out? I mean, you don't look bad, you've had 3 kids." WHAT??!! Maybe a re-kindled sibling rivalry is what I need to get MY a$$ in shape!!

  7. 10 continuous yrs of botox and lots of acid (glycolic that is) has kept this working mom glowing!