Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some things NEVER change...take 2 (didn't like the 1st post, came across all wrong after a re-read)!!!

There is something about having a big sister that will absolutely NEVER change...her liking to take control of situations. To this day my big sis "enjoys" advising me on how to handle situations at home, at work, with my kids, and now with the blog. I love her dearly, but from my earliest memories she has always taken control of things we do together...from selling lemonade behind our house during the golf tournament, to the neighborhood olympics, to now with MommyDiva Interchange. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely LOVE the things she has done with the blog...she is very creative and more makes me laugh every time I'm thinking of putting a post out here, she is one step ahead of me...posting again, adding pics again, or editing, in my most loving, sisterly way...I must say, Muffin this isn't the "Muffin show"...and I am now issuing your 2nd nice or your PRIVILEGES WILL BE REVOKED...LOL!!

Something else, a little more personal & frustrating, that still hasn't fat tail...every time I look in the mirror I hope to see one less dice. Maybe this is why I am wanting fall to get her so quickly...fall clothes cover the flaws so much better than spring/summer items. I get so tired of hearing..."but you just had a baby" what...that was almost 9 months ago. What really pisses me off is that my "weight" is a little lower than pre-pregnancy...but my butt is bigger...I know, I know..."things shift with each pregnancy"...that is for the hell with the "shifting". Maybe the root of all this is that I am pissed because I haven't adjusted near as quickly to life with 2 as I did with life with 1...I haven't been able to work out regularly (if hardly at all)...very frustrating!! I keep telling myself..."when the baby starts sleeping all night I'll start working out in the mornings again"...but, will I?? Who knows? That is obviously still to be determined since little bit still isn't sleeping all night...this too shall pass???

Time to get ready for the BBQ...gotta find an outfit to hide the big butt, looks cute and I won't burn up in...the daily dilemmas...until later...cheers!


  1. Boochie--I love you so much I'm gonna refrain from making a superb post about Buford T. ---so YOU can have the limelight.....And, I thnk we should change the name of the blog to the "Muffin show"--has a good ring, don't you think??

  2. I need a post about me. Bring it.