Sunday, September 27, 2009

A new "Soul Sister"...

MommyDiva friends...let me introduce you to Anna Grace, my now almost 9 month old baby girl. A dear friend of mine, Amanda Smith, did this video for us...and I thought I would share with everyone. You will also get a small dose of my oldest, Jonathan (a/k/a JP)...his expressions are simply priceless!

I absolutely loved the outcome...Amanda's blog is now listed under our "soul sisters"...feel free to check out more of her work...and, congrats to her on just welcoming a new baby girl to her family in August of this year!

Thanks again Amanda for the fabulous video...I will cherish always!



  1. OMG, Aunt Muffin is a teary mess!!! LOVE it. Seen it before but I MISS my niece and nephew. Hmmmm. Maybe we need to plan a trip North to God's country (the Bluegrass that is)!!!

  2. I am in a puddle after that beautiful video. What a treasure. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. I am an absolute blubbering idiot every time I watch it...Amanda did a great job...definitely recommend capturing those precious moments to any and all welcoming new additions to their family! It is priceless!