Monday, September 14, 2009


There is a familiar story in my family about a statement I made as a toddler. Sadly, it resonates with me today. At 2, (I'm guessing 2 1/2) I witnessed a technological event unbelievable to me. Maybe it was the changing of channels on the the big Zenith, or maybe it was the ring of a rotary telephone. Mom and Dad might remember. Whatever I observed was amazing to me, and I blurted out "How-dat-do-dat?"
I find myself these days in a perpetual state of "how-dat-do-dat?"

Yesterday evening I had another moment. My little sister Sam got our new blog on the airways! The name was a no-brainer, we wanted to use MommyDiva. We included Interchange in the title to denote a place of exchange--a place where mothers can give and take. I was slightly in awe that the blog was up and on the screen. Our platform in cyberspace had been assembled in less than 10 minutes--the content would be the challenge but I kept staring at the screen......right there before me--MommyDiva Interchange. Huh I thought. Pretty cool.

We stayed on the telephone discussing content, words, phrasing and I kept 'refreshing' to view the updates as Sam revised the blog. I was focused on the introductory sentences and some favorite memories when my eyes wandered down to the left of the page--holy shi! we have a follower. OMG. I can't believe it--someone found us? How? Thousands and thousands of people. My thoughts and mind raced. Unbelievable, I thought. There we are, participants in the wide open blogsphere. Huh. As a participant I was trying to work it out--the computer programs we studied in Ms. Birdwhsitle's class have come alooong way! How do they? Where does the information...How'd...."How-dat-do-dat?"
I dunno, but we hope you'll come along and share the ride!!!

I've been writing and talking and rehearsing in my mind many, many important meaningful subjects and topics for many, many months. Writing on motherhood, marriage, career, loss of career, re-entering career, friendships, family relationships and Faith. Occasionally, as I write furiously trying to record my thoughts my husband will catch me, "Are you doing that 'beautiful mind' shit again?" Yep. Guilty. I don't write on the walls of our home--yet-- but he glances at piles of paper where I've scribbled the meaningful scenes of my life, and I know I'm failing myself, and maybe him, with my inaction. The issue for me, and I think for him, isn't is there merit in what I'm writing. Rather, if what I've written just stays in a pile--and if I continue to write 'beautiful mind' style--what a HUGE waste of time.

So my little sister has given me an outlet. Yesterday she set up this blog and she and I composed our first post. That was fun! This exercise--solo--is harder.

It's so much easier. The 'beautiful mind' way. I'm thinking, right now, I can't do this post. The finished product--this first post--isn't going to be what I envisioned. I want a Southern Living post--pretty, neat and tidy. And this feels like Do-It-Yourself-Home-Depot second-rate-post. I can't possibly convey all I want in one post!!

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  1. hilarious. muffin. you or john have a way with words- "beautiful mind" shit. love it!!!