Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you kidding??

We have this absolutely fabulous concept...yet, my sister is sitting on her tail at her husband's law office pretending to be doing some legal work...while little sis here is waiting on her logo, info and revisions...come on now...work with me! LOL! But, in all honesty, she probably is doing some legal work right now...just not for John...my guess is she is preparing some sort of lawsuit to throw at the first person who attempts to steal the "MommyDiva" idea...now, that sounds more like my sister!!

Meanwhile...she has not found the logo she & a friend created about 2 years ago...nor has she sent me her list of her revisions for the blog. HOWEVER, she has figured out how to do a bit of editing of her own...and, I can promise you one thing...if she keeps messing with the stuff I have done, ALL ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS WILL BE REVOKED!!! And, I'm not kidding...I have that power! :0)

Love ya sis...love the blogging...love that I have access from the office (which was a surprise)...lunch is over, back to the J-O-B that is helping pay the bills. Until later...cheers my friends!

1 comment:

  1. she thought she had deleted everything this a.m.!! LOVE HER!! :)